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160 Hours per month for $1299 $999 with coupon

With our Premium Plan, you get the equivalent of a full time employee. Think of that for a second – unlimited projects, diverse skillsets, 40 hours per week. You have skilled workers at your fingertips at an unbeatable rate – and you don’t have to pay for health insurance and other benefits!
Additionally, when you buy a premium plan, you will have access to a dedicated account manager who will oversee your projects and ensure you are getting the maximum value out of your relationship with VH247.

Additional discounts apply for multiple full-time virtual assistants and annual pre-payments.
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Business Automation

Integrate virtual assistants into your regular business processes

Sales Support

Use virtual assistants to work with prospects, configure demos or post advertisements to social media


Running an online store? Use virtual assistants to source products, create product content and more

Outsourcing & Reselling

Resell our services and charge a premium for delivered work to your clients

And so much More…